Rooms & Accommodation

Our apartments were renewed during the winter 2022. It is the first season we rent them. Fully air-conditioned, they are all equipped with en suite kitchenette, refrigerator, Tea maker, Coffee maker, TV, shower, Private bathroom, Toilet.

Come & Stay in Rania Hotel

Rania hotel is equipped with electronic safe entrance, so you can type a code and enter the reception. The owner also lives in Amoudara, close to the hotel and will welcome guests 24hours a day.

Contactless entrance in Rania Hotel
Basement - Main bedroom

Basement apartment (85m2)

Our double deluxe room is complemented with modern and luxurious amenities for a wonderful stay.

Room 2 - 1st floor - Main hall

First floor 2 apartments (42 and 36 m2)

We offer club rooms designed with a vibrant touch to enhance your spirits for a happening holiday.

Second floor 3 apartments (33 m2)

If you are looking for an apartment that gives you both space and luxury at a reasonable price, this is the one for you.

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